Osa; The Jewel of Costa Rica will take you on a wild adventure through one of the most diverse rainforests on Earth, the Osa Peninsula. Purchase the documentary movie to to start your journey through the Osa now!! Meet individuals and groups coming together to make a positive impact on restoring some of our world’s natural wonders. Hear first-hand from locals about their tales of ferocious fights with the jaguars. Get up close with the wonders and dangers of the rainforest! Experience Osa: The Jewel of Costa Rica, today!



We are proud to announce that we are an official selection for the Newport Beach Film Festival. Our showing at the festival will be the West Coast premiere on Thursday April 30th at the Big Newport theater in Fashion Island at 5:15. Tickets are available for purchase at:


Osa Peninsula Documentary Film Synopsis

This is the story of a place where individuals and groups are making a successful positive difference in caring and healing one of the most beautiful biological tropical rainforests in the world. They are showing that man and nature can live in symbiosis, sustainability can be commercially viable, and individuals, groups and businesses can come together to protect and heal the land.

The primary conflict is about saving a rich and beautiful region or having it degraded by short term, opportunistic entities. The conflict is a rich and compelling story about people who seek exploitation of our natural resources-vs- people who struggle for economic success while endeavoring to develop and maintain sustainable practices to ensure a prosperous future for the land and it’s people .

This project is currently a one hour program with the potential of development as an episodic. There are many stories of Osa. As a single program or an episodic we have begun and can continue to explore the Osa and the issues through the eyes of the people, flora and fauna who love it; showing the beauty, the passion, the uniqueness, the love, the success, the threats and challenges they face in a remote southwestern peninsula of Costa Rica.

8 Key Facts

  1. World population is now 7.1 billion and growing.
  2. Climate change aside, we find ourselves facing dangerous anthropomorphic planetary change due to the sheer biological load we are placing on the planet.
  3. There is almost no true wilderness left- undeveloped Pacific Coast tropical rain-forest is extremely rare.
  4. The Osa, the jewel of all remaining Meso-American Pacific Coast tropical wildernesses, is at risk.
  5. If it is lost then the entire Meso-American Pacific Coast biosphere will be damaged in a substantial and significant way.
  6. Sustainability works. Sustainable tourism can protect the Osa and ensure long term well being for people and wildlife.
  7. The right kind of tourism combined with the right kind of business practices and government policies is a model that can and should be replicated successfully around the world.
  8. Primary filming has just been completed. The next step will be to produce a short trailer to be used to raise additional funding to complete the project.