About Us

OSA: The Jewel of Costa Rica is the first film from Inflection Studios. In an increasingly crowded and degraded planet OSA explores what happens when governments, organizations, businesses and people come together to heal and protect a biologically rich and beautiful region.

about-osaThe genesis of the film occurred while visiting the Osa Peninsula to photograph and film the area. Director Austin Andrews was struck by how sustainable lodges were helping to heal the land, provide local employment and create viable local business. Photographer/writer Barry Andrews agreed this was a positive example that deserved to be shared. He wrote the first draft for the documentary. However, during the filming involving over two dozen interviews the story grew and took on a life of its own as the filmmakers discovered a broad web of relationships and interactions across a wide spectrum of people, organizations and government.

The film became a family project produced by Docy and Barry Andrews. Austin Andrews directing the film, his brother Elliott Andrews manning the second camera and piloting the remote aircraft for aerials. Sarah Griffith was line producer making sure everything ran on track.

The Osa is a magical place. The film crew fell in love with the area and didn’t want to leave. If you are fortunate enough to visit the same may happen to you.